After Sales Services & Consumer Guidelines

We at Rybo believe in Customer satisfaction so we give 7 years warranty and once your project gets over, we will draft letters to the entire flats owner, according to the details given by you telling about our organization. The help line nos. will be given to them and their complaints will be attended within 48hrs. Of the complaint registered.

Please note that our CP Fittings are tested at various points for maintaining the standards assured to the customers. The feedback received at our end has given us experience to convey to the customers that they need not use any acid or detergent of any form to clean their bath fittings surfaces, but should only use soft cloth moist with plain soft water.

For caution purpose we put red colored caution stickers on bathroom CP Mixers, indicating the same message. So, it is important to keep note of the same so that we can give full help to our customers. Any sign of use of detergents or acids resulting in fading or making stains on the CP bath fittings will not held the manufacturer on fault for the Chrome plating.

Thus, The need of giving our prestigious customers true value of RYBO Bath fittings and accessories, we have decided to inform them about the essential points about product quality, maintenance & convenience.

The following Guidelines are generated from the continuous feedback & customer interaction with our clients & technicians, which will help them to get trouble free services from our Bath fittings.

  • Minimum Bends :  In order to have steady and smooth flow of water it is important to keep minimum number of bends in the pipelines.
  • Bigger Diameter Pipes :  Use of bigger diameter pipes ( At least 25 mm from Overhead Tank to Bathroom & 20mm inside Bathroom ) helps in better flow of water, especially to compensate the reduction of diameter due to Scaling of pipes after a period of time.
  • Gap between Hot & Cold pipes :  Keep the distance between Hot & Cold inlet points up to 165 mm + 5mm apart so that all the RYBO Wall Mounting Mixers can installed without any difficulty.
  • Outlet Pipe in Overhead Tank :  To prevent the flow of foreign particles, sand, etc. which gets collected at the bottom of Overhead tank, into the pipelines and then to the bath fittings thereby damaging the working parts, it is Important to install the outlet pipe point at least 25 to 40 mm above from the bottom of Overhead tank. Besides, clean the tank at regular period of time & always keep the Tank cover closed.
  • Air Vent :  To avoid any kind of Air Locking in the pipelines, always provide proper Air Vents in the pipeline network.
  • Testing Concealed Items :  It is very important to pressure check the concealed items of Bath fittings for any kind of water leakage before plastering or fixing the tiles over them.
  • Cleaning Foam Flow/Aerators :  Always clean the aerators from time to time to remove the foreign particles coming from the supply lines into the bath fittings to have a perfect foam flow from the spouts.
  • Protection against Dirt :  Once the bath fittings are installed it is good to cover them with waste clean cloths or polybags so as to protect them from unwanted dust or any other stains of paint, etc., till they come into actual use.
  • CP Fittings Cleaning:  In actual use, it is advisable to clean the Chrome Finished surface with normal Soap with a wet soft cloth or fine chalk powder to prevent formation of watermarks. Never use any detergents or acids to remove the stains from the surface of RYBO Bath fittings, as it will drastically reduce the life of the Chrome finish.
  • Color Fittings Cleaning :  Never use any Rough cloth with strong cleaning agents to clean Color coated surface. Rather use mild soap with soft sponge to maintain the texture.
  • Genuine Spares:  In case of any repair or replacement suggested, always ask for genuine spares from company’s service center.
  • Irremovable RYBO printing:  To avoid duplicate products, check for irremovable etched printing of RYBO logo on RYBO Bath fittings.

We hope that the above information will help our customers to get the optimum & trouble free performance from RYBO Bath fittings & accessories for years to come. We wish them all our best.